This document details the process in which we compile and collect information, why we do it, how you can access this information and the security protocols that we use for its protection.

What information do we need?
The information that we collect about you depends on the Product that you use. We can collect data in order to offer you a better service, either in cookies in our website, views count, IP address and information about the device which you use when you browse in our websites or use our apps; or we can also collect your personal information at the moment when you open an account with us.

The information collected by us may be:

  • Information directly supplied by you: Either when you register to open an account with us or use any of our mobile apps, your personal information such as name, home address, phone number, ID number, country, home city and address, email and financial information for payment purposes will be requested; as well as the emails that you send us through our official communication channels.
  • Information concerning the people that you recommend our Products to: We can collect information concerning the people that you have invited to use our Products in accordance with the paragraph “What do we need information for and how do we use it?”
  • Information about the way you use our Products: We can compile information about which Products you use and how you use them, by means of which we include the collection of the following information:
  • Information about your device: Information concerning the devices or computers from which you make use of our digital Products, such as operating system, hardware version, settings, serial number, information about the internet connection of the Products which require it, language, time zone, IP address, cookies, among others.
  • Information about the Product and your interaction with it: We can collect information about how often you use our Products, who do you share them with, if you experienced any failure with them; and we can view the time at which you logged in the Products and how long you did where it applies.

Why do we collect information and how do we use it?

  • In case we need to process your information for other purposes not provided for in our Policy, we will ask for your authorization about it. These processes take place in our servers.
  • In order to make the transactions and relations that take place in our Products safer and more effective.
  • In order to fully comply with the agreements entered into clients and users, in accordance with the purposes, so as to give offers, promotions, services and products.
  • In order to complement the necessary information to manage the requests, complains and claims presented by clients or users and third parties, and direct them to the responsible areas to give proper answers.
  • With prior authorization, we send information and commercial offers about our products, as well as marketing activities and/or commercialization of services and/or products which we provide or will eventually provide.
  • In order to conduct marketing studies, statistics, polls, marketing trends analyses, polls about the satisfaction of our Products.
  • For the transmission of personal data to third parties when the commercial relation requires it, for commercial, administrative and/or operating purposes.
  • In order to manage all the information needed to comply with the tributary obligations and commercial, corporate and accountable registers.
  • In order to share personal data with service or outsourcing companies which may contribute to improve or ease our commercial activity within the ones included, payment methods or third parties of the payments processes.
  • In order to provide personal information of the holders to the entities involved with the solution of conflicts and which have competence on the matter.

It is your data and you have rights over them
This is why we guarantee that the holders of the data that we process are always able to:

  • Know, update (if applicable) and check their personal data.
  • Send us requests regarding with the use that has been given to their personal data.
  • Revoke the authorization and/or request the suspension of the data when the principles, rights and guarantees herein are not respected.
  • The request of information suspension and authorization revocation will not be processed when the holder has a legal or contractual right to remain in the database or when we have a legal or contractual right to continue with the process.
  • Request access and access freely to the personal data that has been object of the process.

This Policy guarantees that the information provided will be stocked privately and secured. To make sure of this, in this document we provide the details about which information we know and how we use it. We never collect information with explicit, previous and informed consent, unless there exists a fair and due legal cause for it.

Our obligations as the liable part for the information process

  • Warrant to the holder at all times of the full and effective exercise of the habeas data right, to make consultations and claims about the information thereof.
  • Request and keep a copy of the respective authorization given by the holder.
  • Inform duly to the holder about the purpose of the collection of the information and rights granted to him by virtue of the authorization granted.
  • Keep the information under the necessary security conditions in order to prevent falsification, loss, check, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.
  • Update information, attending all changes regarding the holder’s data. In addition, all measures needed in order to keep the information updated will be implemented.
  • Check information when it is not correct and give information regarding it.
  • Respect the security and privacy conditions of the holder’s information.
  • Process requests and claims formulated under the terms in accordance with the Policy herein.
  • We will make use of the holder’s personal data only for the purposes that we have been authorized and respecting in all cases the normativity in force about the personal information protection.

How can you exercise your rights on the data we receive about you?
You can exercise your rights to the email

About minors’ personal information
Our services are only available for people who are legally capable to contract. Therefore, those who do not comply with this condition will have to refrain from supplying personal information to be included in our databases and surroundings.

Events in which the personal data authorization of the guardian is not necessary
The guardian’s authorization about the information will not be necessary in the following cases:

  • Information required by a public or administrative entity in the exercise of its legal functions or by court order.
  • Public nature data.
  • Urgent medical or sanitary cases.
  • Treatment of information authorized by the law for historic, statistics or scientific purposes.

Validity of databases
Databases will have a validity equal to the period in which the purpose or purposes of the treatment in each database are maintained.

Any substantial modification of this policy will be communicated to the guardians before implementing said change through the website or any other valid mechanism.