We are Merlim Network, a commercial platform for the distribution of technological developments under the network marketing (multilevel marketing or MLM) in which Affiliates commercialize hardware and digital products from the Merlim Network Products’ Catalog and Merlim Store.

Our business opportunity is the first one in market to commercialize technological solutions, mobile apps and software developments under the network marketing model, having as main philosophy is to offer quality products and real growth options to turn your dreams into reachable goals.

What is multilevel marketing, network marketing or MLM about and how is it related with Merlim Network?

Network Marketing involves the development and activities mainly focused on sales and has a main element the incorporation of independent sellers by building a marketing network to sell a product in a coordinately way and which generates earnings, benefits and compensations by direct sales and sales made by members of the seller’s own team defined by the company whose social object be precisely network marketing or MLM.

This industry has been object of controversies in different countries in relation to promises of instant enrichment or wealth, or investing certain amount of money to receive a certain fixed monthly commissions. The truth is, that in many countries there are regulations for these kind of companies and therefore, they are strictly regulated by agencies. This is why the operation of our Licenses of Use of Apps commercialized through Merlim Network is done by abiding by regulations and laws currently in force regarding network marketing in different countries in accordance with its legal framework.

We are innovating lives with a strong commitment to transparency, legality and being our focus the value of trust; because in our commercial activity there is a real goods and services exchange, because our Affiliates generate commissions from Business Bundles sales, the sales of Licenses of Use of Apps and the financial resources are the result from the services provided by Affiliates (independent sellers) to customers.

Taking into account the consumption relation inside Merlim Network, the products or services are the developments available (by licenses of use) which are sold with the intervention of affiliates (or independent sellers) as providers when offering services to end consumers or users.

Someone has talked to you about Merlim Network but still have doubts on becoming Affiliate

It is normal you want to know you are not being deceived. Here we describe some aspects you must take into account:

  • Our website is https://merlim.network and you can find official information about us on our social networking sites listed on our page, on the Contact section.
  • A Merlim Network Affiliate identifies himself/herself as such in his/her personal websites, social networking sites, verbal communications, etc.
  • A Merlim Network Affiliate has a unique ID.
  • All payments and transactions are done by payment platforms inside our website merlim.network. A Merlim Network Affiliate may not request money to you in order to help you become an Affiliate.
  • Earnings and compensations depend on individual effort of each participant. Do not let yourself be deceived by promises of immediate earnings without making any efforts.
  • Does not trust an Affiliate or Sponsor who promises to locate you in a “strategic place” within his/her network where you would obtain spillovers and other benefits.
  • Benefits and financial compensations may be checked anytime on the Compensation Plan at our website.
  • Merlim Network is not a money investment system or pyramid. To say, imply or state such thing is illegal in many countries and may not be used under any circumstance.
  • The domains we use for e-mails are @merlim.network. If you receive a supposedly e-mail from Merlim Network with a different domain, do not trust, do not open it and notify it as spam
  • If you have further questions, contact us on our official communication channels which you will find on the Contact section at our website merlim.network.

About the actions done by our Affiliates

Our customers and affiliates are the raison-d’être of our commercial activity. Therefore, the relationship with Affiliates complies with:

  • Contract: Entered into Affiliates and our company to set out the terms and conditions of our commercial relationship. This document details our and Affiliates’ rights and obligations in the contractual relationship
  • Compensation Plan: Appended to the Contract. This document sets out the terms and conditions obtained from the activities performed in Merlim Network
  • Communication and Best Practices in the Internet Manual for Merlim Network Affiliates: Known as “Communications’ Manual for Affiliates”, it is a document which sets out how our Affiliates may promote and communicate the Merlim Network business opportunity in a correct way and which does not lead to errors on the true essence of our brand, goodwill and reputation
  • Code of Ethics for Merlim Network Affiliates: This document sets out how relationships between Affiliates-Customers, Affiliates-Affiliates, Affiliates-Other Affiliates’ Customers must be and sets out clauses regarding penalties for behaviors which contravene our goodwill and reputation.

Fun, legal but your and our actions speak better about us

We apply our humane talent and best practices to offer a quality, legal and transparent service, that is why:

  • We have self-regulation manuals (a legal manual on personal data protection and on information security) which apply to all our brands.
  • Our customers and affiliates use the mobile apps and developments directly offered by us.
  • We protect the rights of our users mainly guaranteeing the functioning of our apps, offering technical support and guaranteeing our products in accordance with service level agreements in force.
  • There is joint and several liability between Magitek Ecuador S.A. and the Affiliate for the product warranty.
  • We are transparent in regards our network marketing policies and Compensation Plan offered to Affiliates
  • We have a clear and complete Compensation Plan which reflects the specific conditions of the business and the requirements for payments and benefits resulting from sales made by affiliates (or independent sellers)
  • We have permanent communication channels with our customers and affiliates, via the email contacto@merlim.network and via phone call to +593 4 6024777
  • We protect our intellectual property and request affiliates and other participants to respect and keep safe all the confidential information and personal data we provide to them.
  • We act transparently and diligently towards the petitions, requests, complaints and claims of the affiliates and customers.
  • We have a team of professional people who are committed to ensure the quality of our services
  • We keep informed all the people who have access to information assets about news and security alert thereof
  • We keep our equipment and systems updated
  • We create backups from time to time to avoid data or sensitive information loss
  • We implement a management security information system and we perform internal audits on the objectives established to evaluate it and improve it
  • In regards to the information confidentiality and security we use contractual clauses with employees and contractors in order to ensure said information is used in compliance with the security guidelines for its protection; and to ensure that said information is returned to or subtracted from our company without our authorization

This is show we protect the personal data of our users and Affiliates

We take close care to every piece of confidential information, including any personal data supplied to us through our virtual forms and physical, electronic or verbal channels.

Whenever Merlim Network needs to capture information, we will assume that you authorize the treatment when you click on “accept”, “save” and “continue” (if it is in digital format), since this is equal to your signature and thus we suggest you to safely store the digital support of your authorization, for example, through the storage of screenshots in a safe digital system.

Keep in mind the following definitions in order to have a better understanding of our Data Protection Policy.

  • a.Personal Information: Every data or group of data linked with any individual of the human race.
  • b.Holder’s Personal Information: Every natural person whose information will be, is or has been treated.
  • c.Personal Information Treatment: Any management of personal information (for example, the collection –capture-, storage, sharing, cease, register in databases, modification, update, suppression, or publication of personal information).
  • d.Personal Information Protection Right (Habeas Data): Fundamental right of every individual of the human race to have their information adequately managed and protected in any context in which it is treated, and which is also bounded to other fundamental rights that allow the free, equal, intimate, worthy and safe development in society.
  • e.Personal Information Protection: Any treatment of personal information must guarantee that the information will not be altered, nor disrespected the restrictions and/or duties that exist on the capture and/or treatment thereof.
Our Data Protection Policy abides by the following principles:

What do we use the personal information for?

  • In order to fully comply with the agreements entered into clients and users, in accordance with the purposes, so as to give offers, promotions, services and products.
  • In order to make the transactions and relations which take place in our Products safer and more effective.
  • In order to complete the information and, in general, to advance the necessary activities to manage requests, complaints and claims presented by the clients or users and third parties, and redirect them to the areas responsible of emitting the proper answers.

Learn more in our Data Protection Policy.

If you want more information about us or if you want to be a part of the great Merlim Network family, visit us on our section Opportunity

Innovating lives!